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You earn credits for all additions to your personal photo albums as well as all interactions in the CLASSIC VIEW side of truckersucker. Site credits are used to purchase VIP time. There are many active men who maintain free VIP status and even earn enough credits to give their friends VIP access by sending them credits.  So when you welcome a new member, comment on a post, give a thumbs up, add a video or video link, add an image to the galleries portion, share a live news, post an event, etc.  you earn credits toward purchasing VIP membership in the future.   Go to the CREDITS page to see your curent site credits balance, spend credtis or send them to friends.


Support is by email to, send an email from your site registered email address, include your user name and put SUPPORT REQUEST in the subject line.


You will be blocked for violating terms of use. A full face, no masks, no cameras blocking the face is required. This image must be rated G, No nudity, No odd mouth gestures. If you post anyting other than described you will be blocked as soon as your profie posts. Your profile must be complete, your height and weight are required, yous about section must be 100 charachters about you. If you do not complete the profile as described you will be blocked. If you request reconsiderat you must send a complying image with your request and the information that you did not submit in your profile must be sent with the request. Any profiles accepted for reconsideration will be required to upgrade to VIP level to remove the probation status. In short, if you break the rules while signing up you will be reuired to pay for full access upon reinstatement, no exceptions.